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Friday, February 3, 2017

2/2/17 Newport Dover-Foxcroft Tail

We have an inch or two of new snow- just enough to cover the icy spots. Decided to head north to Dover-Foxcroft in hopes of a little more snow. This a 26 mile long Rails to Trails trail and we have done most of it - in parts. Snowmobilers, skiers, and hikers use it in winter. This morning it's 22 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds.

Start of the trail- nicely packed snow and good footing.

Piscataquis River

Trail is looking good

But the first side trail we came to  Kelley wanted to take  - it had not had much use.

Which took us to someones huge yard in which there was this large tree

Unable to find a continuation of this trail ( probably used by the owner to get to the main trail) we headed back to the main trail

But we soon came to another side trail which  Kelley wanted to take. This one had had more use and we had been on it before so I had some idea where it went.

and turned out to be quite pretty

I  twice tried to get Kelley to turn back but she wanted to go on and we did for a bit more before I insisted.

Near the end she is lagging behind a bit where she had been enthusiastic and quite energetic ( I had been afraid we were going to far) . This was a really nice surface for her with a little fluffy snow on a firm crust.

A very nice hike on a pretty day. Very peaceful as we met no one. 2 hours


  1. Your snowy woods are quite beautiful!

    1. Thanks for commenting Linda - this day was especially nice

  2. Very pretty with the blue skies and the birch.
    Have a good weekend. We're in for BLUSTERY conditions. Getting REALLY tired of that!

    1. Hi Sue - it was a pretty day. We have a couple of calm cold days coming. Weird weather continues everywhere. Good weekend anyway.

  3. Now, this is the kind of snow I wouldn't mind being in :) I think it's great that Kelley loves to wander in the white stuff. You got some very nice winter photos. I love the little branch poking out of the snow.

    1. Thanks Betty - it was a pretty day with nice snow,


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