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Sunday, February 26, 2017

2/26/17 Downtown

Rained much of yesterday and cooled off today. Still lots of mushy snow around and ice. Decided to try downtown which we had not done in some time. Most of the walks were clear but there were still patches of ice to work around. Mix of sun and clouds and 37 degrees, but a strong wind made it feel colder.

As usual. I let Kelley pick the route and, of course, she headed for the river- good memory or maybe scent because it is several blocks from where we started.

The Penobscot was still mostly frozen

but there was an open patch next to the bridge so she could get wet.

The Kenduskeag Stream looks like it is starting to break up

A short walk of 45 minutes but at least we got out and stretched our legs. Hoping for better future weather.


  1. Does it seem like the ice is breaking earlier this year? It's completely gone here, which is really unusual.

    1. Yes, it has been much warmer than usual here too. The weather service is predicting early spring for much of the country

  2. She's amazing! That water is soooo cold!

    1. She is - it can be below zero and if she finds water she is in it. Brrr


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