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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

2/28/17 DeMeritt Forest

Nice day  - 39 degrees, sunny, and no wind. Hadn't been here in awhile so went to check it out.

Still a fair amount of snow . A little bumpy from peoples tracks but firm.

Stream had water but steep snowy sides

Behind because of a lot of sniffing

Ah, a little water

Little use of this trail

When we got on Sewall Rd.., the lower part had been plowed and was very icy and slippery - neither of us cared for it. . We saw two women and a dog down the road but turned onto the Red Trail. A short time later a large friendly setter came charging down the trail to greet Kelley. As they were getting to know each other the setter was called and left us.

 Too hard to get down to.

Wanted to check out the river across the road and started down but Kelley had had enough so we turned back to the car. Not a bad hike and Kelley did well. 1 1/2 hours


  1. Kelley looks like she's in her happy place!

    1. Yes. sadly not much water for her at this time - but it won't be long

  2. All that ice will be gone in no time and Kelley will be a happy camper!

    1. Hi Kim - We are ready - it's certainly been been a trying winter - Yesterday in the 40's when we got up - this morning 15 -high tomorrow of 11


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