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Thursday, March 2, 2017

3/2/17 Sunkhaze Wildlife Refuge

Rain and drizzle all day yesterday and last night. This morning it looked like it would clear. We headed to Sunkhaze hoping for descent trail conditions. On the way it clouded back up and there were little spits of rain. Forty one and cloudy when we arrived.

We were surprised how much snow was left

The surface supported Kelley but I broke through every few steps - usually one foot would drop 4-5 inches and deeper at times where the snow had drifted.

The trail going off  to loop around had not had recent activity so adding that to my clumping along, I decided we would just go to the beaver pond and back.

The pond was still frozen with some water near the middle.

 Kelley could see the water but didn't like the ice and started whining.There was water running behind the dam. Deeper snow, unpacked but we sought some water for her. A bit of a slog through snow and brush and unfortunately the water was flowing too fast and getting to it was a problem for her.

Back to the pond she decided it was across the ice or nothing and went to explore. It was mushy ice with water on top of it - she was hesitant to go further out and I was glad because I was afraid she would break through the ice

So she laid down where she was.

On the way back she found a tiny pool she could get into.

Definitely not my favorite of our recent hikes but we got an hours worth of exercise and it was a change of scenery. It was nice to be out without rain.

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