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Monday, March 6, 2017

3/6/17 Branch Lake

Warmer today after bitter cold yesterday. Difficult to pick a hike because there is still lots of ice around. We had not been here in awhile and it was up to 27 degrees by the time we got here with lots of sunshine and little wind.

The tote road had sections clear of snow, icy sections, and snow. Here is a nicer section.

The little stream Kelley likes was frozen.

We found snow  and ice on the trail once we got into the woods. I didn't take any pictures of the treacherous sections because I was too busy watching my step.

Big disappointment for Kelley - the lake was also frozen.

Further along and still no water. You can see an ice fishing shanty far left.

Finally Kelley went out on the ice to check it out. Unusual because she does not like ice.

A pretty day and Kelley did well as we both picked our way along avoiding the icy patches. As usual we had the place to ourselves. 1 1/2 hours 


  1. I know it's difficult to get around on ice and snow but, I have to admit that it has its own beauty. The shot with the fishing shanty and the one before it are just fantastic to see. I certainly can't blame you for watching your step instead of taking photos :)

    1. Thanks for commenting Betty. You are right about the beauty in spite of the danger

  2. Wow, I cannot believe you have all that ice still. It's 58 degrees here right now and I have my windows open. Go figure.

    1. Hi Kim- just weird weather all winter- 5 degrees and bitter wind yesterday and 50 forecast for Wed.

  3. Poor Kelley! It must be killing her not to get in her daily swim.

    1. H Linda - yes, I can see her frustration when we reach a spot she usually finds water and, instead finds ice.

  4. Hi John,
    It's Kimball from TrailsNH has been following your blog for years.

    Is it OK with you if TrailsNH uses photos from you blog every now and then? I like to change my homepage cover photo every week, and you have some great ones here. The photo will include a photo credit and a link to the blog post.

    Thanks for the consideration.


    1. I have no objection as long as there is no commercial use of the photos. Glad to hear you have liked some the pictures

  5. Oh, I feel sorry for Kelley not to be able to enjoy the lake:( But I liked those beautiful icy pictures.


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