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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8/30/11 Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park

There are several trails that we hike here-none of them very long. Except for the Summit Trail they are basically flat like the start of the summit trail.

That trail does have some steep rocky spots but Kelley was able to find ways around them.

The summit has no open vistas, only glimpses through the trees.

We took the Ice Works Trail to Fresh Pond and then circled the pond.

Kelley didn't mind that there was lots of vegetation at the edge of the pond.

On the Backshore Trail there is a very small cemetery where we found this stone.

We also did the Beaver Flowage Trail. The east side has been rerouted further from the marsh and is less interesting than it was. We went to the shore near the picnic area ,intending to explore some but the tide was in and high and there was no place to walk. A nice varied hike which totaled about 3 hours walking time.

Monday, August 29, 2011

8/29/11 After the storm

Not that bad here -my neighbors rain gauge said 2.6 inches of rain. Windy but didn't do more than break a couple of basil branches in my yard. Just when we thought we had sailed through, the power went out ( 6:40 pm) and didn't come back until 3:00 this afternoon . Kelley wondered what was the deal with the candles and flashlight . I was worried I would lose all my freshly frozen vegetables but they did OK too. Today we just walked around the neighborhood and then downtown for a bit.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

8/29/11 Stuck at home

We are home today because of the storm, though so far it's not been bad-fairly steady rain, a little thunder, and only not a lot of wind. I believe the worst is supposed to be still on the way. Kelley does not like storms, especially thunder so she is not having a good day. Took her for a walk around the neighborhood to see if she would be more tolerant if she was outside and could see what was happening ( I got soaked) . She enjoyed the walk but shied when thunder occurred. I had to go to the store for onions to make some salsa and she wanted to go and I got her a treat from the bakery. When we got home she wanted to stay in the car which is where she is now. She can get out if she wants but I think for her it's like being in a cave or some other shelter. She will , at least, come out when it's time to eat.

8/27/11 Walden Parke

Today we explored trails not on the map and just wandered for 2 hours. Found a nice pond for Kelley and took lots of pictures. Unfortunately most of them were badly out of focus--wind or user error?

This hover fly was tiny-less than 1/2 inch

My friend John identified this as a Red Admiral

Saturday, August 27, 2011

8/26/11 Hidden Ponds

Beautiful day-mix of sun and clouds, moderate temperature, and no bugs. Rather than the loop we usually do that goes over Tunk Mtn. we decided to just visit the ponds (I was afraid parts of Tunk might not be good for Kelley) . The start of the trail on Rte. 182 used to be easy to miss-just an old grassy track and no sign or place to park. Now there is a sign and a brand new gravel parking lot.

Tilden Pond

Part of the trail to Tilden

Salmon Pond

Little Long Pond

Mud Pond

Bunch Berries

A very nice 3 hour hike

Thursday, August 25, 2011

8-25-11 Downtown Bangor

Rain predicted and Kelley was due for an easy day so we walked downtown again. I let her pick the route and we ended up on some streets I had never been on before. We didn't move very fast as there was a lot of sniffing to be done in this new territory.

8/24/11 Marsh Island Natural Area

I don't know why it has this name as there doesn't seem to be an island. We started from Hillside Ave. and proceeded to the Penobscot River. The route might not be exact on the above map but closer than usual as we arrived where we were aiming. A beautiful morning with sun and mild temperatures.

This guy seems to have had his wings chewed

And this one lost part of an antenna

This one seems intact

Don't know this one but it's also beat up.

I thought to get to the river to give Kelley a swim but the bank was quite high in this section and the water was high and swift ( from recent heavy rain) and we found a nice pond that worked well.

This spider appears to have Mrs. Pig on it's belly

Had a hard time getting it's top side as the web was right next to a pond and it did not move the way I wanted it to. Add to that a stiff breeze and this was the best I could do.

Another pond near the start/finish of the hike so Kelley got in a final swim.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8/23/11 Jordan Stream - Little Harbor Brook

A perfect hiking day-upper 60's and sunny. We started from the parking lot for Little long Pond and took the Friends Path ( not on the map) to the south end of the pond

Kelley seems to really like Acadia best of the places we hike and was very excited, panting, running ahead of me, and into and out of the water. We followed the trail ( not on the map) that runs along the west side of the pond to the Jordan Stream Trail where we saw this owl.

After crossing under the cobblestone bridge we took the carriage roads to the Asticou and that to Little Harbor Brook > the road and back to our car.

Underside of the bridge

On the carriage road we met a runner ( we had met before) and his dog Keira who was as happy to play as Kelley and they had good fun.

Reflections in Little Harbor Brook

Wildflower hanging out over the brook

This Hydrangea was in a yard we passed as we walked the short section of road back to our car.