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Sunday, August 14, 2011

8/13/11 City Forest

We started from the end of Kittridge Rd. rather than the parking lot so we would pass the Beaver pond both going and coming and Kelley would get two nice swims.

A beautiful day as we started through the high grass of the large meadow

After her last swim we climb the hill through the meadow and back to our car

2 1/4 hours


  1. Hey, saw this on CD hiking in Maine thread and clicked over because I knew you would be able to tell me where to hike with my dogs.

    I would like to do this one, where is it?


  2. It's right in Bangor -
    It abuts Walden Parke which is less used. Between them runs the old Veazie railroad bed which is also nice. If you use the blogs search function you will find more of these hikes and most have maps.
    All of the hikes in the blog are done with my dog.


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