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Saturday, August 6, 2011

8/5/11 Sears Island

Mixed clouds and sun. This time we started on the west shore, walked to the jetty, and up to the old grassy road. We followed the road past where it becomes paved to the Homestead Trail and took that back to the shore. A short walk up the shore to find a good lunch spot and then back to the car. This location is good for me taking pictures because there is lots for Kelley to explore and she doesn't get as impatient as she otherwise might. 2 hours

On the Homestead Trail and once again waiting on me.

This is a plant onshore and I couldn't resist because I liked the picture in spite of the subject.

Artsy version for John

Low tide and looking like more rain


  1. I enjoy seeing pictures of the water's edge. The last photo surprised me when I clicked on it; I very much like the people in it. The birch clump in the center of it resembles the birch in the first photo. Overall a touch dark for my taste, but I can see that it is very cloudy. Nice picture. (They all are).

  2. Thanks for your considered comments John. I too think the people make the last picture.It is a bit dark but lighter didn't seem to work for me. I did lighten it just a tad for you.

  3. Appreciate that. No accounting for people's taste in pictures, nor the brightness of their monitors. You have explained to me before how yours is a hiking blog, not artsy fartsy. I get it.
    I've got to say though, that factory picture with reflection is kind of surreal. Keep them coming.

  4. Thanks again, John-though it is a hiking blog I do try to make decent pictures and do stick in an a 'artsy fartsy' now and then. I though the factory was kind of unreal too and that's why I liked it.

  5. We (my dog Sammy and I) were at Sears Island that day too! But in the afternoon. Learned about that place from your blog, thanks! It was beautiful.

  6. Hi Holly-thanks for your comments. I'm glad you liked it and wish we had run into you there. Let us know if you find any spots we haven't.


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