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Sunday, August 28, 2011

8/29/11 Stuck at home

We are home today because of the storm, though so far it's not been bad-fairly steady rain, a little thunder, and only not a lot of wind. I believe the worst is supposed to be still on the way. Kelley does not like storms, especially thunder so she is not having a good day. Took her for a walk around the neighborhood to see if she would be more tolerant if she was outside and could see what was happening ( I got soaked) . She enjoyed the walk but shied when thunder occurred. I had to go to the store for onions to make some salsa and she wanted to go and I got her a treat from the bakery. When we got home she wanted to stay in the car which is where she is now. She can get out if she wants but I think for her it's like being in a cave or some other shelter. She will , at least, come out when it's time to eat.


  1. Maybe she thinks you will drive her somewhere that it is not storming?

    Good luck

  2. Right--just get me out of here!


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