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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

9/29/14 Perch Pond Trails

Cold gray morning  ( 60) with possible rain- quite a change from yesterday. We picked a nearby spot so as to not drive a long way only to get bad weather.

We started from the South Trail on Poplar St. The first section is usually wet ( not today) and has a string of bog bridges.

No water at all until we reached the small pond on Spruce Rd. Kelley - got to spend a little time here

These old roads were the major trails until the bike club added  several miles of trails.They are all now connected.

As we continued on the wind picked up and we got a few sprinkles and I decided to shorten our route and head toward the big pond. Kelley agreed. and was happy when we reached it

We continued on the Shore Trail

giving Kelley other chances to get into the pond

before we turned away from it to head back to South Trail.

An easy hike and we managed not to get rained on. The temperatures were comfortable once we got moving and the woods were pretty.  2  1/4 hours

Monday, September 29, 2014

9/28/14 Catherine Mountain

Forecast is for sunny and much warmer- this area was forecast to be a bit cooler. We took the route from Dynamite Brook Rd. The first part of the hike is a climb through woods and then a more open area with ledges with views.

Keeping an eye on Kelley

Part way down the other side of the mt. is a short spur that takes you to what are called the Catherine Cliffs

A panoramic shot- please click for the large view

Catherine Cliffs View pano 9-28-14

There had been no water for Kelley to get into the entire hike until very near the end she disappeared into the woods for awhile and when she returned it was evident that she had found a little water- only her feet and belly were wet. I thought she deserved some real water so we stopped at Fox Pond ( upper left of map) which was close and on the way home.

A pretty hike in spite of it being a bit warm- when we got home Bangor reached a record high of 84 degrees- and the lack of water for Kelley to get into. Normally on this hike we would have climbed to Caribou for a view with our lunch but we passed that up today. We met no one and had it all to ourselves.
2 hours 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

9/27/14 City Forest

Another beautiful day and Kelley seems fine.  We went to the nearby forest so I would have time to start cleaning up the garden. Altered our usual route a bit because all of the pools on the West Trail are dry and there is some water along the rail bed and a couple of spots on the Loop Road.

Walking across the meadow to the hill down to the beaver pond  we saw that there had been a sudden burst of color

Parts of the forest are study plots for the university and they have signs to identify them. This one had attracted a bee.

Some of the other things we saw

Walking along the rail bed we encountered two porcupines. The first one moved off into the brush but the second stayed on the trail. Kelley started forward but stopped when I said, "No" . It appeared to be a young one.

A very nice hike. we met several  people with friendly dogs- some Kelly knew and some that were new and that made her happy. We took extra time at the beaver pond both at the beginning and end of the hike. 2 hours 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

9/26/14 Little Long Pond - Harbor Brook

Wednesday evening after our hike Kelley was not herself. She was not lame but had to be coaxed inside for her supper ( a first) and then she just wanted to be left alone. I thought perhaps she had got into something in the woods that she shouldn't have but in the past when she has done that ( twice)  she just threw it up and was fine. Thursday morning she seemed her old self but I decided we should have a day off and just did a short walk around the neighborhood. No sign of a problem all day and fine this morning.

A near perfect day- sun and 60's with a very slight breeze. We headed for the park and Kelley's favorite hike. We did the loop indicated above- one we often do because there is water most of the way. We met a nice couple from Vancouver on the West Side Trail but after that we had the trails to ourselves. Kelley was very enthusiastic - in and out of the water and showing no sign of her off day.

The pond was lower than I have ever seen it.

Leaf on one of the bog bridges- most of the woods are still green

On the carriage roads over to Harbor Brook

Someones lunch

This was a very nice hike, especially since Kelley was her usual enthusiastic self.  3  hours

Thursday, September 25, 2014

9/24/14 Kilkenny Cove Old Pond Railroad

Sunny day with temperatures in the upper 50's to about 60 and little wind- quite good hiking weather.This is another old rail bed turned into a hiking trail. We started from the east end and walked to the west and back,

We have hiked a number of these but this is the only one that retains a bit of the old rail at the start.

and the old ties for much of the way

Not far along is a section with water on both sides. The sides are steep and Kelley was nervous about going down.

Then you are back in the woods. The trail is not dramatic but a very pleasant walk through quiet woods.

I am always impressed at how life clings to the almost any available niche

Seeds of some unknown plant- a dramatic exit

and a hoverfly still at it

Near the west end we met a woman and her dog. The dogs were not very interested in each other but Kelley wanted  to walk with the woman so we went on together for a bit.

When we were here before there had been small pools and boggy areas but they were all dry today except for one puddle just the size of Kelley. When we returned to the section by the water we looked for a place Kelley would go down to the water and finally found a place she was willing to try.

She is looking at a canoe that is out  a ways but has a woman and a dog in it. I was glad she did not try to swim out to them.

A very pleasant outing on a beautiful day. 2  3/4 hours

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9/23/14 Northern Pond

Supposed to be sunny and reach 65 degrees ( 54 when we started) . It was a mix of clouds and sun and got to 60 with a brisk wind. Still not bad once we got moving

We went first to check out the canoe launch- last time here the bog bridges were floating. Today the water was low but the bridges were not in good shape. Kelley didn't like the looks of it and would not go down to the water

We tromped through the brush next to the path and found some water- though not a lot

We then drove the short distance to the bypass trail and started off

We followed the route shown above to cover all of the trails. This is the 'neck' leading into the pond

and a small pano of the pond- click for the large version

Nothern pond pano  9-23-14

We took the spur trail ( #4) to the beaver dam and found their pond also low on water

View from the dam of the meadow in front of it

Leaf - too windy for macro and the other shots were too blurred

On the way back Kelley wanted to go down the closed trail (#1) so we did. The water there was also low and there had been some replacement of the underlying logs. We were able to do the whole trail.

Turned back at the original start of the trails and finished our hike. A pretty good outing. Pretty in the woods and water for Kelley. 2 hours