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Monday, September 8, 2014

9/7/14 Little River Trail

Yesterday was hot and humid with thunder storms forecast so we just went to the forest for a short walk. I picked that mainly because of the beaver pond for Kelley. Neither of us was enthusiastic about walking so the pond was the main attraction. We didn't get the storms until late in the day.

Today was very nice- sunny with 67 degrees when we started and 72 at the finish. This is a pretty woods hike with water for Kelley. We started from the parking lot at the water district office where you get this view of the first reservoir.

Not far along is Kelley's first chance to get into the water ( I screwed up pics of her in water)

much of the banks of the reservoirs are too steep for Kelley to get in and out but there are spots she gets in and there also several small streams and the river.

Spillway at the second reservoir

Some of the woods- not well photographed - very contrasty light

We hiked to where the trail turns away from the water. Here you can see why it is called Little River

A wild snapdragon- one of the few flowers we saw today

A very pleasant hike. We met a couple of runners along the way and then a nice family just starting as we got to the parking lot. Kelley was excited to meet them all and we chatted briefly about trails.  3  hours 

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