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Friday, September 19, 2014

9/18/14 Walden

Another beautiful day- much like yesterday but with a possible frost tonight. That means I need to deal with a lot of garden things so we went to nearby Walden.

The loop trail still looked summery

as did the rail bed

Still some weeds/wildflowers about

A short ways off the trail is another beaver pond

Which Kelley, stirring up some silt, took advantage of

More wildflowers

Only an hour and a half but a very pleasant walk on a beautiful day. I spent the rest of the day bringing in vegetables, and freezing some, and moving potted peppers into the garage. 


  1. Replies
    1. Both hot and sweet - I have become less addicted and grow mostly sweet and milder hots now but used to grow sometimes over a hundred varieties a year. See pictures here.

    2. My goodness - that's a lot of pepper plants. What did you do with them all? I grow hot peppers and then dry them and grind them up to sprinkle on pizza. I also like to make hot pepper jelly.

    3. I gave a lot of them away. I also dried many-I still dry some. I have an easy bread and butter pickle recipe that I used for peppers instead

    4. Do you process that in a rolling water bath? They look fab. Would you share the recipe?

    5. Those might have been processed- I don't remember as it was awhile back and I don't know what recipe I used. . probably any would work just substituting peppers.I usually do a version that is very tasty not too sweet and are ready to eat the next day. I just keep the jars in the fridge so there's no processing and I have eaten them two years old. Here is a picture. Will send that recipe in an email

    6. Those look good too. Yes, please email the recipe when you have the time.

    7. My neighbor says the best bread and butter pickles she has ever had- not a hot pepper person so she made the regular pickles.Recipe sent


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