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Thursday, September 18, 2014

9/17/14 Goose Ridge

Yesterday was gray with on and off showers so we just walked around the neighborhood. Today is sunny, 60's, and no bugs- ideal. The contrast light, though,  was not great for pictures.

We started from the trail head on Freedom Pond Road and walked to the easement short of Penny Rd.

This is basically a walk through pretty woods, the first section being uphill to the ridge. Not difficult for Kelley as there are no rocks to climb or other work around's .Most of the small streams were completely dry and Kelley was disappointed to find them so. She did find a couple of small muddy spots to get into and I had drinking water.

A few shots of he woods and trails.

The trail passes through Spirited Horses Ranch and two meadows which give a glimpse of the surrounding area.

and more of the trail

A beautiful day to be in the woods. 3  hours 


  1. That looks like a beautiful area. Love the name of the ranch.

    1. Hi Kim- it is a pretty area- Besides this trail there are another set of trails that connect at the end and the the other way is Frye Mt. The ranch, like many land owners in other areas, cooperates with the land trust to allow the trail to cross their property. We never see the horses.


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