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Friday, September 5, 2014

9/4/14 Newman Hill- Hinds

I didn't feel like a long drive so it was a nearby hike. Sunny and a bit warmer so we got a fairly early start.

At the start -

Fall Aster

Clematis virginiana

We did a different route today because Kelley wanted to turn off at the ski trail which shortly leads to a small pond. After a swim we took the trail that led us to Black pond and another swim. Back on the rail bed we met a forester we had met before- he had been working on the Pine pond project and was heading out. We went over to see what they had done.

This is the main pond

There was a gap between the pond and a smaller pond that had a cement construction  with a gap that Kelley would go in the water to get around. Now there is a fairly large ditch with large rocks- she didn't care for them either. I don't know the purpose of this construction and should have asked the man we met. They have also done some mowing which revealed an old woods road part way around the ponds. We walked them and saw these geese

Back on the old rail bed we continued on until we turned off into the woods and out of the sun- we both appreciated the shade, The rest of the route is shown on the map.

More wildflowers

Though a bit warmer than we prefer it was still a pleasant hike- several places for Kelley to get into the water and we didn't get off track as we sometimes do on these trails.  2  1/4 hours 


  1. Yesterday I saw my first flock of geese heading south already. What do they know that I don't? :-)

    1. They know more goose stuff than you- does seem early and I don't know what cues them.

  2. Hopefully soon we'll be into the cool, crisp, fall hiking weather for you and Kelley..can't get here quick enough for me..

  3. John, the second photo is the seedheads of "clematis virginiana" - kissing cousin to the clematis you see in gardens, believe it or not! :-) And I think the first photo, of the small purple flowers, is fall aster.


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