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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9/23/14 Northern Pond

Supposed to be sunny and reach 65 degrees ( 54 when we started) . It was a mix of clouds and sun and got to 60 with a brisk wind. Still not bad once we got moving

We went first to check out the canoe launch- last time here the bog bridges were floating. Today the water was low but the bridges were not in good shape. Kelley didn't like the looks of it and would not go down to the water

We tromped through the brush next to the path and found some water- though not a lot

We then drove the short distance to the bypass trail and started off

We followed the route shown above to cover all of the trails. This is the 'neck' leading into the pond

and a small pano of the pond- click for the large version

Nothern pond pano  9-23-14

We took the spur trail ( #4) to the beaver dam and found their pond also low on water

View from the dam of the meadow in front of it

Leaf - too windy for macro and the other shots were too blurred

On the way back Kelley wanted to go down the closed trail (#1) so we did. The water there was also low and there had been some replacement of the underlying logs. We were able to do the whole trail.

Turned back at the original start of the trails and finished our hike. A pretty good outing. Pretty in the woods and water for Kelley. 2 hours


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Linda- still spotty, with lots of green around yet

  2. The trees around the lake are gorgeous.

    I walked out to my mailbox today and couldn't believe all the dead leaves in our driveway today. I guess autumn has arrived.

    1. Still spotty here- yesterday was a mix of sun and clouds and gave some dramatic light


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