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Saturday, September 27, 2014

9/26/14 Little Long Pond - Harbor Brook

Wednesday evening after our hike Kelley was not herself. She was not lame but had to be coaxed inside for her supper ( a first) and then she just wanted to be left alone. I thought perhaps she had got into something in the woods that she shouldn't have but in the past when she has done that ( twice)  she just threw it up and was fine. Thursday morning she seemed her old self but I decided we should have a day off and just did a short walk around the neighborhood. No sign of a problem all day and fine this morning.

A near perfect day- sun and 60's with a very slight breeze. We headed for the park and Kelley's favorite hike. We did the loop indicated above- one we often do because there is water most of the way. We met a nice couple from Vancouver on the West Side Trail but after that we had the trails to ourselves. Kelley was very enthusiastic - in and out of the water and showing no sign of her off day.

The pond was lower than I have ever seen it.

Leaf on one of the bog bridges- most of the woods are still green

On the carriage roads over to Harbor Brook

Someones lunch

This was a very nice hike, especially since Kelley was her usual enthusiastic self.  3  hours


  1. I hope Kelley stays well. The water seems to be low everywhere this fall. I'd wish for rain, but the colors are just starting and they seem so bright this year. I hope you and Kelley are out enjoying this warm weekend!

  2. Thanks PP- Kelley seemed fine again today- I'm guessing she got into something bad. She pretty healthy ( except for her knees) so it threw me a bit to see her so out of character. we had a nice hike today and will do another tomorrow.

  3. You seem to read her moods very well. Glad she's back to her old self.

    1. Thanks Kim- She does seem to be back on track- did well yesterday and today ( in spite of no water to get into) - I'm behind on my posting.


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