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Sunday, July 31, 2016

7/30/16 Kenduskeag Stream

Another hot one so we just went to this nearby stream for an hours walk.

The stream was quite low

  but there were pools deep enough for Kelley

 The grassy area between the trail and the stream

Waiting patiently

A wild solanaceae - I think nightshade

Don't know this one

Another spot to get in the water

And another view of the stream

Last dip before we headed for the car.

A pleasant little outing and Kelley seemed happy with it. 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

7/29/16 Essex Woods

Hot weather continues so we just went to the nearby woods for an hour and a quarter.

The map is not complete as I only marked the trails I knew we were on. There are several unmarked trails and I decided to find a new way to the old rail bed. I did not and we wandered a good bit not sure where we were headed - some trails just petered out.

Found some flowers at the start

Crown Vetch

One of the woods trails

 Kelley found a spot of liquid mud to wallow in and now we needed to get to a spot where she could get halfway clean.
We did get to the rail bed and a spot Kelley knows - but she didn't give me much of a shot.

Walking along the rail bed towards the wetlands area I found a nice bee

and soon Kelley found access to the water

Short but pleasant outing. Neither of us was very energetic.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

7/27/16 Little Long Pond

Forecast for here is for 91 degrees and for Acadia 81 degrees so we headed off early for the island.

I always take a picture from the end of the pond.

And, of course, Kelley in the pond. I continue to have problems with this camera ( I think it's me ) so I have salvaged a collection of Kelley pics.

In the woods in a small stream

Start of Jordan Stream

She goes across this wide part rather than use the bridge

One of the few damselflies this year

Another tiny bit of water

Ah, back in the pond at the end of the hike

 and a new friend joined her. They didn't get much time because the owner was in a hurry to move on.

A pretty good outing. Kelley did well but slowed down near the end. We met nice people and dogs and that always makes her happy. 2 hours including chat time

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

7/25/16 Sears Island

Continues hot so, once more we headed for the cooler coast. We started for the west shore. Before we actually got there Kelley found some brackish water to get into. This is a stream that drains into the ocean at low tide and then fills up as the tide comes in. You can cross at low tide - at higher tides you are in water- the tide is approaching low here.

Wasn't a lot on the shore today - a sea plant

and a wildflower

Low tide

Beach art

 another shot of the shore

Before we turn inland on the Green Trail and encounter deer flies - not a lot but there had been none.

 But she did find some water in a small stream

We took the Homestead Trail across to the east shore and I thought we would follow it south for a bit but Kelley had had enough.

So she got in the water for a bit and we headed for the car.

Not a bad hike in spite of the deer flies. We met a few people and Kelley did well until she was ready to quit. 1  1/2 hours 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

7/23/16 Newman Hill-Hinds

Going to be another hot one. Eventually got to 93 but we started early when it was in the 70's . Lots of deer flies and mosquitoes almost made me give it up but didn't want to take the time to drive elsewhere so we set off.

Lots of sumac around

 and Queen Anne's Lace

In a small pond  ( not on the map) near the start

We took the short spur to Pine Pond - actually there is a smaller pond next to the larger and Kelley found a way through the high grass and reeds

The old rail bed continues beyond this beaver pond but was flooded and overgrown.

but the pond was available.

There were two groups of geese on Black Pond - this group swam away

 while these came closer to check us out

Small pond next to Black - also not on the map

I got this frog while Kelley swam.

Clover in sun against shaded woods

Without the bugs this would have been very nice - still not bad. Kelley did well and there was lots of water for her. We beat the heat and had the place to ourselves 1  3/4 hours