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Thursday, July 28, 2016

7/27/16 Little Long Pond

Forecast for here is for 91 degrees and for Acadia 81 degrees so we headed off early for the island.

I always take a picture from the end of the pond.

And, of course, Kelley in the pond. I continue to have problems with this camera ( I think it's me ) so I have salvaged a collection of Kelley pics.

In the woods in a small stream

Start of Jordan Stream

She goes across this wide part rather than use the bridge

One of the few damselflies this year

Another tiny bit of water

Ah, back in the pond at the end of the hike

 and a new friend joined her. They didn't get much time because the owner was in a hurry to move on.

A pretty good outing. Kelley did well but slowed down near the end. We met nice people and dogs and that always makes her happy. 2 hours including chat time


  1. How fun that Kelley got to swim with a friend! Love the pic of those two dogs.

    1. Thanks Linda - it was nice - I wish they had had more time together

  2. Pretty outing, and a fine photo of a damselfly.
    I haven't seen many this year either and am wondering if that is weather related or ??

    Green beans are starting here so it's going to be hectic for a week. I'll be glad when the freezer has it's share for the winter.
    Enjoy the day, and think of those who are chained to the kitchen.
    Chop/blanch/freeze/repeat ENDLESSLY!

    1. I think you are right about the weather. Last year I had cucumber beetles- none this year, we had few black flies and only a few Japanese beetles,etc.

      I will soon have pole beans, have had my first summer squash, and cukes and have also been in the kitchen- froze a bunch of kale and Asian vegetables - it's not fun but better than canning which my mother did.


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