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Saturday, July 30, 2016

7/29/16 Essex Woods

Hot weather continues so we just went to the nearby woods for an hour and a quarter.

The map is not complete as I only marked the trails I knew we were on. There are several unmarked trails and I decided to find a new way to the old rail bed. I did not and we wandered a good bit not sure where we were headed - some trails just petered out.

Found some flowers at the start

Crown Vetch

One of the woods trails

 Kelley found a spot of liquid mud to wallow in and now we needed to get to a spot where she could get halfway clean.
We did get to the rail bed and a spot Kelley knows - but she didn't give me much of a shot.

Walking along the rail bed towards the wetlands area I found a nice bee

and soon Kelley found access to the water

Short but pleasant outing. Neither of us was very energetic.


  1. Great bee shot, John. He sure looks like he gets into his work. Ha!
    Hope it cools for ya . I'm having a few days in the upper 70's--terrific considering I'm blanching beans all day. Hard to do that when it's in the 90's and I don't have AC!
    Any signs of any tomatoes yet? Got my first SunGold cherry yesterday.

  2. Hi Sue - I don't have AC either 84 today and 79 tomorrow so better but still too warm for my taste. my tomatoes seem to be doing well but none ripe yet - Sungold is always the first to ripen for me.


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