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Sunday, July 24, 2016

7/23/16 Newman Hill-Hinds

Going to be another hot one. Eventually got to 93 but we started early when it was in the 70's . Lots of deer flies and mosquitoes almost made me give it up but didn't want to take the time to drive elsewhere so we set off.

Lots of sumac around

 and Queen Anne's Lace

In a small pond  ( not on the map) near the start

We took the short spur to Pine Pond - actually there is a smaller pond next to the larger and Kelley found a way through the high grass and reeds

The old rail bed continues beyond this beaver pond but was flooded and overgrown.

but the pond was available.

There were two groups of geese on Black Pond - this group swam away

 while these came closer to check us out

Small pond next to Black - also not on the map

I got this frog while Kelley swam.

Clover in sun against shaded woods

Without the bugs this would have been very nice - still not bad. Kelley did well and there was lots of water for her. We beat the heat and had the place to ourselves 1  3/4 hours 


  1. I just adore your frog photo!!
    The roadsides are filled with the Queen Anne's right now--I think those are just about my favorite.
    I think we're getting a slight break in the heat today--I sure hope so. I am SO done with summer!
    Have a great week, John

    1. Thanks Sue - a very calm frog. I really like QAL too and have scads of photos in all its phases. We have 88 forecast for today and tomorrow and then 92 - I am also ready for cool weather.


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