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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

9/29/15 Sheepscot Redux

When we were here two days ago we learned about a new trail and decided to check it out. It was described as a loop off the Goose Ridge Trail. We started from Penny Rd. and headed north. Warmer and more humid today with much needed rain in the forecast.

There are still some wildflowers about.

The trail brings you out onto a utility easement - looking south

and then back into the woods which, for the most part,  still look like summer

After awhile the trail comes onto the easement again and then crosses into woods on the other side. But before we came to that we ended up in a large field and I realized I had missed a turn and we needed to backtrack and get back on course.

The easement looking north

Back in the woods we found some turning leaves

After about an hour we had not found the trail. Kelley was following rather than leading and I decided it was the heat and humidity - and no water for her to get into on this trail - I carry water for her to drink.

Taking a break near the end.

So, a bit frustrating but we got in a two hour hike and will most likely get rained out tomorrow. When we got home I emailed the land trust to ask for directions ( which they kindly sent)  but later looked at a picture I had taken of the sign at Whitten Hill

It clearly says the trail is south of Penny Road. Duh ! 

Monday, September 28, 2015

9/27/15 Sheepscot Headwaters

Yesterday Kelley did not want to get in the car so we had a day off and I dealt with the garden - possible frost predicted. We didn't get the frost but was in the 30's when we got up. We stalled until it was in the 50's to head out on this beautiful day.

Kelley was energetic and enthusiastic, leading most of the way. We started from the Whitten Hill Trailhead to do the Northern Headwaters Trail.

Just some bark

I considered skipping the section of Goose Ridge but when we reached the junction Kelley started down the trail - probably remembered there  was water - two small streams and a pool near the broken dam.

She refused to cross the small bridges and found ways around - the trail is also a bit overgrown here.

Back to the main trail we reached the river. Water was very low - I'm standing in the streambed

But there were pools.

Heading back up the hill to complete our loop

Nice hike on a pretty day. Kelley did very well and seemed to really enjoy the woods today. 2  1/4 hours 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

9/25/15 Branch Lake Public Forest

Much cooler - 50's on the hike but 40's when we got up. A new one for us. Had seen the sign for this palace on our drives toward Ellsworth but got more info and decided to check it out.

You take this tote road from the parking lot to the trailheads.

Before we even got to the Lake loop Trail, Kelley found a tiny stream.

And I found an interesting plant

When we got to the lake the shore had woods and lots of boulders and rocks which prevented Kelley from getting in.

We continued on looking for a good spot for Kelley

Which we found

We completed the loop and then took the Brookside trail

Signs of fall

Back at the lake

Unneeded bog bridge, as the woods were not wet

We headed back and I thought we would leave the Marsh Trail for another day but Kelley wanted to do it and we did. Perhaps she smelled water but when we got to the end we had to bushwhack to get to the actual marsh and there was no water.

Back near the parking lot, I found a wasp at work

A pretty nice hike - comfortable temps, water, and all new. We went longer than I wanted for Kelley but she seemed fine throughout. 2  3/4 hours.

Friday, September 25, 2015

9/24/15 Baker Hill - Long Ledges

Another beautiful day with cool temps and sun. This is a hike we hadn't done in awhile and Kelley seems to like new trails or trails we haven't done recently.

Decide to do the hill loop with the trail to the pond.

Heading up

 The view - that is Acadia in the background

A rest in the shade while I take pictures

The woods here still look like summer

Before we got to the part of the pond we could access Kelley remembered a  short trail that took us to a marsh area, dammed by beavers to make a small pool.

The end of the pond had downed trees that kept me from getting a view down the length of the pond.

The trees also blocked Kelley from getting to the main part of the pond.

We then took the trail back the way we had come to complete the loop we had started.

Almost back I met another friendly dragonfly.

A nice hike. Kelley was enthusiastic and energetic - I think she appreciates the cooler temperatures. 1  1/2 hours

Thursday, September 24, 2015

9/23/15 Sunkhaze

Upper 50's again when we started but with sun. We decided to check out the Carter Meadow Rd. Trail - last time we were her the trail was in poor condition but today we found there had been maintainence and it was in good shape.

I had trouble with the contrasty light so not entirely happy with the pictures.

Carter Meadow Rd. at the start- still doesn't look like fall.

but here are leaves about

View of the meadows from the observation deck- this is a small section - they are quite large

Kelley couldn't get to the water in that picture but she did find a little

Kelley had done well but coming back she slowed a bit

I found access to the stream just before we got to the car. Water was low here too but Kelley was happy to lie down in it.

Plan had been to also do the Oak Point Trail ( it now has a small parking area) but when we got there Kelley didn't want to get out of the car so we headed home. It had been a pretty day in the woods and Kelley was up for most of it. 1  1/4 hours