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Friday, September 11, 2015

9/10/15 Blackcap Misadventure and Fitts Pond

I have added trails and the routes may not be accurate.

Another warm one. The trail up Blackcap is quite rigorous - even for me - but we once met some people at the summit who had come up the road used by those who maintain the towers up there. Once up, there is a nice easy trail along the ridge. Decided to try a road I thought would take us up there.

It had some pretty sections

 but ended at a camp - boyscouts - not sure how these structures are used.

 OK - back down the road and we will walk part of the trail along Fitts Pond = stay tuned - it gets worse.

Kelley was in favor of this route and beat me to the pond

Unmoored and dying lily pad

and more odd fungi

The trail along the pond is rough in spots with huge boulders and work arounds for Kelley. This is an easier section

Another place to get in the water

Another piece of the trail- you can see the water to the side

I didn't want to stress Kelley too much,  so we didn't go far and then returned to the pond for a final swim.

As we were driving out I saw another road that might lead to the top and we could drive it. It was the correct road but as we got near the top I was afraid to continue and decided to back up to a spot where I could turn around. I slid into a ditch and the car bottomed out - stuck. Luckily two many from a local TV station came up as they were doing work on their tower. One of them let me use his phone and after finding no nearby towers called one in Bangor. As we waited we walked up to a least get the view from the top.

After an hour and a half the tow truck arrived and pulled us out of the ditch. The day did not go as planned but we did get in a hike - supposed to rain all day tomorrow.


  1. Sorry your car got stuck! Good thing those two men came along.

    1. Yes, we were a long walk from the nearest house and no one else came by in the hour and a half we waited. The tow guy said he couldn't believe I had got up that far and maybe I needed something other than my little Toyota, Not the first time I have been towed.

  2. Bummer! I'm betting you were pretty glad to get back home after all that! It may not have gone as planned, but you did see some pretty sights.

    1. Thanks Sue - it was pretty and cooler because of the clouds. Today cool and much needed rain.

  3. Wow - what a day. So glad you were able to get out. Don't you carry a cell phone with you? What would you have done if those guys weren't there?

    Have a nice weekend John/

    1. Another adventure. No, I don't carry a cell phone- we would have had along walk to find a house.

      You have a nice weekend too.

  4. how frustrating is that? but the hike went well..

    1. Hi penbayman - yes, a nice hike in spite of the problem with the car.


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