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Sunday, September 20, 2015

9/19/15 Marsh Island

This was a bit disappointing. Last time we had tried the trail from Hillside we got to a construction area ( apartments ) and the trail just petered out. We decided to see if the land trust had routed the trail around the area.

First stop was the small pond near the start

Just a short ways down the trail we missed a turn because it was so overgrown - bad sign - not much use.

We walked a bit farther and came to a sign saying " construction area" do not enter - we went a short distance ans saw buildings under construction. We turned back and Kelley had another go at the pond.

Decided to go to the trail at the end of Penobscot which was still good last time we hiked here. When we got there Kelley didn't want to get out of the car; I gave up and drove home. Don't know what the plans are for this area ( couldn't  find info on the land trust site ) . Most of the land trusts have agreements with owners of private lands that the trails cross. In this case the owner decided to develop. Perhaps there will be a rerouting of the trails 


  1. this hike may be a no go in the future?..kelley didn't seem enthralled by it..

    1. I was surprised they had not done a work around - other than the pond Kelley wasn't interested.


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