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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

9/1/15 Sunkhaze Wildlife Refuge

A little cooler today but near 90 forecast for tomorrow. The last time here we hiked Johnson Brook and the trails were in very bad condition so we headed for the Buzzy Brook Trail.

Didn't appear to have had much use.

There were blow downs on this trail too but easier for Kelley as she could get under most of them instead of going around them ; I had to go around many of them

Some leaves

When we reached the brook we found it diminished from our lack of rain.

Kelley did not care for the muddy bottom which she sank into and only just got in the water - enough to get good and muddy.

Some floating leaves

On our return we took the North Loop which is slightly higher and was easier walking and more open. I found a dragonfly and my first Monarch of the year.

Kelley was enthusiastic today - I think cooler temps helped and she likes variety- we hadn't been here in some time. 2  1/4 hours.

Shortly after leaving the refuge there is a boat launch for the Penobscot  and clean water for a muddy Kelley.


  1. Those photos are so sharp and clear---nicely done.
    I "jitter" and should use a tripod, but don't like to drag a bunch of stuff out.
    Glad Kelley could find some good rinse-off water.
    Sorry about the heat coming back for you--we have it today and it's terribly humid---just awful out.

    1. Hi Sue - I 'm sorry to say I just found this and several older ones. For some reason I only sometimes get emails on your posts - will start checking the unpublished box.

  2. water seems to be down everywhere..but it doesn't take much to satisfy Kelley..that dragonfly..nice shot..

    1. Thanks penbayman - Yes, any water will do for Kelley.


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