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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

9/21/15 Little River Trail

Beautiful day to be in the woods - sunny and 60's. We started at the east end at the water district office.

Reservoir # 1 from there was looking good - but still no fall colors.

The trail is mostly close to the water but much of the bank is too steep for Kelley.

First spot she can get in

which she did

There is one road to cross and this takes you near the spillway. We were surprised to see no water coming over it; have never seen it without.

This was taken last October - note the water level behind the spillway

Kelley the other side of the spillway and you can again see how low the water is in the second reservoir.

We usually go to the point where the trail turns away from the water but found less and less water as we continued west

This area is usually under water

Shortly after this we turned back and were again near the water

Nearly back and a final swim.

A nice hike through pretty woods on a beautiful day. The low water was disappointing but we are finding low water everywhere we hike. Kelley did well. 2  1/4 hours


  1. Hi John, my bullmastiff, Rosie, and I had the good fortune to meet you and Kelley on the trail today. Thank you for the conversation and good humor. Will read your blog and take your advice! Hope to see you both again soon. -- Liane

    1. Hi Liane- Thanks for leaving a comment - we enjoyed meeting the two of you too. You will find my email in the profile section of my Pbase site - if you have questions about any of the hikes

  2. Wow, you're really low on water ! Are you sure you're not in California? Lol
    We had a pretty dry Summer as well and we're starting Fall pretty dry but at least is cooler and no humidity!

    1. Yes, Serafina, I read 13 inches below normal. I'm with you on the cooler weather

  3. The dam is needing some work so the water district drained down the reservoir..but I haven't seen any progress on the repairs yet..

    1. Thanks - I was worried for Belfast's water supply.


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