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Monday, September 7, 2015

9/6/15 Little Long Pond

Another hot one but predicted to be cooler at Acadia. Forgot about this being Labor Day weekend so was surprised by all the traffic. No parking places near the gate (last time we started there to shorten the hike) so we started from the parking lot for the Friends Path. Kelley was eager to be hiking today - I think she knew where we were and this hike is a favorite.

When we got down to the pond we found it much lower than usual- but she was able to get to deeper water.

Summer seems to be continuing and there were still water lilies

Off the meadow - there were two women and a child there and they all gave Kelley some attention

We continued around the pond on the route shown above. We met more people and several dogs - all friendly.

Near the south end of the pond

I always take a picture of the pond from the end and here is today's

A pretty good outing - it was warming up as we finished but had been comfortable. Kelley did well and was happy with all the water, people, and dogs. Two hours was a bit longer than I wanted but she seemed OK with it. 


  1. Holidays find me hibernating from the crowds. Looks like you managed a very pleasant outing. Those lilies are so pretty---they look so "elegant" and really make the wilds look a tad tamer.
    Have a great holiday and hope your weather cools.

    1. Thanks Sue- today and two more days before it's forecast to cool off. We are really tired of it.

  2. Kelley is definitely a magnet..good girl..

    1. She is that - she's even converted a neighbor who was not a dog person.


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