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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

9/29/15 Sheepscot Redux

When we were here two days ago we learned about a new trail and decided to check it out. It was described as a loop off the Goose Ridge Trail. We started from Penny Rd. and headed north. Warmer and more humid today with much needed rain in the forecast.

There are still some wildflowers about.

The trail brings you out onto a utility easement - looking south

and then back into the woods which, for the most part,  still look like summer

After awhile the trail comes onto the easement again and then crosses into woods on the other side. But before we came to that we ended up in a large field and I realized I had missed a turn and we needed to backtrack and get back on course.

The easement looking north

Back in the woods we found some turning leaves

After about an hour we had not found the trail. Kelley was following rather than leading and I decided it was the heat and humidity - and no water for her to get into on this trail - I carry water for her to drink.

Taking a break near the end.

So, a bit frustrating but we got in a two hour hike and will most likely get rained out tomorrow. When we got home I emailed the land trust to ask for directions ( which they kindly sent)  but later looked at a picture I had taken of the sign at Whitten Hill

It clearly says the trail is south of Penny Road. Duh ! 


  1. You're getting rain alright, lol . Looking at pics on the Bangor Daily News page on FB it looks like you need a boat!! Yikes!!

    1. Hi Serafina - lots of rain - they say 5- 6 inches - it has not stopped all day


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