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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Garden for Kim

Kim asked for some garden pics. These are quick and dirty and the garden is turning brown as our season is almost over.

Along the drive are pots of peppers and eggplants, tomatoes, cukes, ankdkale in the ground. growing up the garage are winter and an Italian squash. Not shown are potted herbs by the front door and more squash on the top of the lawn.

In back a larger bed of kale with pole beans at the end of the bed and some tomatoes behind

Summer squash and more beans and tomatoes in the beds, peppers and Asian vegetables in pots on the deck. The raised structure at the end of the deck is various salad greens

As I said,  kind of ratty looking end of season. 


  1. Not ratty at all - it's beautiful. And huge! That's a giant garden. I love how you've lined the driveway with vegetable plants and have squash growing up the garage. I've never seen anyone do that before and its a brilliant idea and way to utilize space. Thanks for sharing John. I enjoyed that! :-)

    1. Well, it looked better earlier- since I live in the city and don't have a lot of space- and even less with enough sun. I grow a lot vertically and in pots that I can put in the sunnier spots.


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