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Thursday, August 25, 2011

8/24/11 Marsh Island Natural Area

I don't know why it has this name as there doesn't seem to be an island. We started from Hillside Ave. and proceeded to the Penobscot River. The route might not be exact on the above map but closer than usual as we arrived where we were aiming. A beautiful morning with sun and mild temperatures.

This guy seems to have had his wings chewed

And this one lost part of an antenna

This one seems intact

Don't know this one but it's also beat up.

I thought to get to the river to give Kelley a swim but the bank was quite high in this section and the water was high and swift ( from recent heavy rain) and we found a nice pond that worked well.

This spider appears to have Mrs. Pig on it's belly

Had a hard time getting it's top side as the web was right next to a pond and it did not move the way I wanted it to. Add to that a stiff breeze and this was the best I could do.

Another pond near the start/finish of the hike so Kelley got in a final swim.


  1. Great pic of Kelley..she's really enjoying it!

  2. Thanks-she does have a look of bliss- loves her water


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