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Monday, August 1, 2011

7/31/11 Hunters Cliff and Brook

This turned out to be two hikes. Plan was to hike from the Day Mtn. parking to the Hunter Cliffs and beach and then climb up to the abandoned trail from the other side of the beach and follow that to Blackwoods. Part of our route would be in the picture below.

Unfortunately, though I was able to climb up and find the trail I couldn't find a way to get Kelley up. Last time we had done that trail starting from Blackwoods.

The hike from parking to the beach was mostly open and hot and Kelley was glad to get to water. The waves in the ocean make her nervous and she prefers the brook which runs into the ocean.

Decided to go back to the car and drive the short distance to the bridge over the loop road where we could get down to it and the nearby trail head. It was nice to be in cool shady woods.

This little guy was about two inches long.

A fungus I had not seen before.

Total of 2 3/4 hours for the two hikes.


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