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Saturday, February 18, 2017

2/17/17 Snowmobile Trails From Dover-Foxcroft

Sunshine and 26 degrees. Still deep snow and the first two trails we went to had had no activity so I made the 35 mile drive to Dover-Foxcroft where the trails usually get lots of use. There were a lot of sleds at the Irving on Rte, 15 where we parked (gassing up) . I was afraid we were going to be overwhelmed but  once we got on the trail we met no one until we were back to Rte. 15 at the end of our hike.

Starting out the trail had been groomed and used so we had good footing.

There is a bridge at the start crossing the Piscataquis River  - looking north

We soon came to a side trail that had been groomed but not yes used.

At the start Kelley had acted like she didn't want to hike and I made her continue. Once she  got moving she became enthusiastic and took the lead most of the time.

When I decide we had gone far enough, Kelley wanted to on - I don't think she understands the return will be as long as the leg out but we continued. When we came to this large field overlooking the town I insisted and we headed back.

The river looking south

This turned out to be the nicest hike in awhile. The woods had been beautiful and we had them to ourselves.  Kelley did very well and when she slowed near the ens I knew we were right to turn when we did.  1 3/4 hours


  1. You're fortunate (or is it Kelley?) that you know when it's time to turn around.
    Sounds like a fine outing.
    Warmth and sunshine on tap this weekend.....and yet there's so much ice out there it's tough to do much....
    Have a good weekend, John

    1. Thanks Sue- She doesn't understand going back will be as long as going. It was a fine day. Sorry for all your ice. We have too much snow for many trails. Supposed to be nice here too. You have a good one too.


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