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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2/13/17 Blizzard

We woke up to good amount of snow and a lot of wind. Kelley was anxious to get out in it so I let her outside and she would not come in.

So we went for a walk around the neighborhood.

Back up the drive.

Kelley decides again to stay outside.

Later - our tracks are almost gone but you can still see our mailbox- it was completely under snow in the morning after the road was plowed.

In the afternoon the snow was 30" deep on front deck from the wind and drifting

This morning we did a short walk before I cleared the drive.

I think the official level for Bangor was 24 inches but it was much deeper in our drive due to drifting. Some parts of the state got much more. 


  1. Such a beautiful mess! Glad Kelley seemed to be wanting to be out and about in it--though I'm sure it was tough walking around in that much snow.
    Loved the photos---there's not much prettier out there than a good snowstorm.

    1. Hi Sue - it was pretty this morning - 8-12 inches more for tomorrow = Checked a nearby trail this afternoon but it had no use yet - hoping it's better tomorrow before we get too much snow

  2. wow, that's a lot of snow! Kelley looks so cold in that first photo.

    1. And more predicted for tomorrow- everyone thinks she looks cold but she apparently wasn't and didn't want to come in

  3. Wow!
    We're having the warmest Winter here in KY and me hating it. We only had one snow day and got only one measly inch or so. Very disappointed.

  4. Wow - wish we were getting that. Sigh.....


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