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Sunday, February 19, 2017

2/19/17 Little Long Pond

Beautiful sunny Sunday - 45 degrees. Thought the snowmobile trails would be too busy and so decided to check out Acadia where we have not been in awhile. Both the Eliot Mt.and Harbor Brook trails had had no use and there was also no place to park - lot's of snow here too.  That left  the pond. As soon as we started Kelley took off for the pond. It was not much used  and the pond was frozen.  It was a bit of a struggle for her to get back.

 No one had been on the trail at the bottom of the pond so that left the carriage road on the east side of the pond. There had been some use by skiers and walkers and the footing on the narrow path was not bad for me and pretty good for Kelley. After her trip to the pond she was not excited about continuing but did well once I coaxed her to follow me and she realized the footing was OK.

 The frozen pond

The footing became less firm the farther we went as there had been less traffic. We met a man with two dogs who said it got softer ahead and that he thought it was much better on the pond ( he was on snow shoes) .   We went a bit farther and when I saw his tracks I started toward the pond. Kelley sat down and said, "no way". She was right too much snow. At that point I decided, though we hadn't gone all that far, we should just head back.

Almost back

A pretty  day and though we only walked an hour ( it felt like more) we got a little exercise . Kelley got to meet a few people and dogs which made her happy. 


  1. It's getting to that time of the season that it will be nice to get back to "earth", isn't it?
    Our warm up continues and there is a lot of bare ground showing. I even hung out laundry yesterday--beating my old record by a whopping 6 weeks. Yikes!
    Well, have a good day. Hope you get better walking conditions....

    1. Thanks Sue. What climate change? Forecast is for above freezing next few days, including rain. We just take it a day at a time.


  2. The snow looks wet and heavy. Looks like a nice day tho.

    1. Hi Kim- the warm weather has turned the nice fluffy snow and you are right about the pretty day.


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