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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

3/29/16 Walden Park

Rained most of yesterday and supposed to be rain and snow today. It was snowing very lightly and in the lower 30's when we decided to try a get in a hike at nearby Walden.

Kelley quickly  found water

There was a dusting of snow on the loop trail but it was mostly just wet.

Which was fine with kelley

We took a side trail (added to map)  to the old railbed and walked that to a pond

The pond was overfull and flowed across the trail. Kelley doesn't like rushing water and I could not cross without wet feet and perhaps a fall, so we turned back.

Ambitious beaver - the tree is at least 18 " in diameter

We took another side trail a short distance to a stream I knew we could not cross ( it's possible when frozen ) but that Kelley would like.

Then back to walk the railbed to the other side of the Loop Trail

Reflection along the railbed

Little snow but still wintry looking

One more stream - I'm on the small bridge

This worked out Ok. The rain held off and the snow was very light and wet. Kelley had lots of water opportunities and it was peaceful. We met no one but saw the tracks of one person who had preceded us on the loop part. 1  1/2 hours


  1. Lots of swimming opportunities for Kelley today!

  2. I know beavers have "their place" in the world, but sometimes it's kind of horrifying to see some of the damage they do to the larger trees.
    Ah well--future pond in the making!
    Have a good day, John

    1. They also do a lot of good - see a film on Netflix called " Leave it to Beavers" .Good day you you too.


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