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Sunday, March 27, 2016

3/26/16 Hills to Sea

Yesterday was freezing rain so we stuck to the neighborhood. Today's forecast was for 40's and sunny - we got 20's and clouds. After all the rain, I wanted a trail that wouldn't be too wet ( for me) so we decided on this which we had only done once before. Extra trail pictures because not many posted of this trail. Could not find a good map- 11 is Hills to Sea and 10 is Dave Rock

First surprise was amount of snow they still had - it's mostly gone at home.

The snow and much of the vegetation still had an ice coating.

An old stone wall

More of the trail

When we reached 137 there was a little water

Heading back

Another piece of wall

Because there had been so little water on the trail I decided we would go a short distance on the Dave Rock which has a nice stream

A small stream first

When we got to the pretty stream, Kelley did like the access

 so we looked for a better spot

Turned out well. Kelley was enthusiastic and did not seem bothered by the crusty snow. She was ahead much of the way. 1  3/4 hours 


  1. I like all the stream pictures. Happy Easter John.

    1. Thank you Kim - happy Easter to you too.

  2. I'm sure Kelley enjoyed all that water. And I sure enjoyed the stone wall--what a beauty.
    Hope you had a nice Easter.
    And glad your snow is almost gone. Raining here now so there's hope mine will go away!

    1. Hi Sue - we find a fair amount of those old walls - they make me think of Robert Frost we have rain forecast for today and tomorrow - that should take care of the snow.


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