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Friday, March 18, 2016

3/18/16 City Forest

Rained all day yesterday and this morning we had 32 degrees,  light snow, and  rain forecast. Went to the forest to get in a hike before the rain.

No map because we  ended up on unfamiliar trails - also why there are only a few pictures - I was , with my poor sense of direction, trying to pay attention to where we were headed and not get us into a too long hike.

We started out on the West Trail and went down to the beaver pond which is finally unfrozen.

which pleased Kelley. She always wants to go down to it and up until today it has been frozen and she has been disappointed.

An old stone wall

More water along the trail. Behind Kelley you can see there is still a small piece of ice.

Our unfamiliar trails worked out and we actually ended up coming out where I hoped we would. So not bad - we only met two people and one dog but the snow stayed very light and no rain. 1  1/4 hour


  1. What a pretty stone wall. Nobody does that anymore and it's a shame. We have tons of rock popping up in the area, and the farmers just heap it in a huge pile in a corner of the field.
    Have a great weekend, John

    1. Thanks Sue - we find lots of them in the woods on hikes. I think it was a practical use of stones when fields were cleared. You have a good weekend too.


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