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Sunday, April 24, 2016

4/23/16 Perch Pond

Mix of sun and clouds and upper 50's. Another nice day to be in the woods. Yesterday Kelley did not want to get in the car so we had a day off from hiking. I needed to get started on garden beds and got several ready for planting.

She had got in some small pools by the trail but the small pond was the first real water.

Could not find any wildflowers but did find some buds on trees. Unfortunately I did not do well with them - lots of distracting background and most out of focus.

Perch Pond- pretty but still not showing signs of spring.

There are only a few places Kelley can get into the pond because of shore conditions. Even here she needed help getting out.

 A spot where she could get in and out on her own

We met people with dogs and that got Kelley excited and they gave her some attention which pleased her.

Another wet spot on the trail

This bush had buds that looked like flowers and no leaves yet

From last year

Turned out well - the possible rain predicted did not materialize and it was the second shirt sleeve hike. Kelley was not especially energetic but did well without showing signs of wanting to quit. 1  3/4 hours 


  1. I guess sometimes that darn snow comes in handy---makes a nice plain background. That's ok--we'll just SKIP the snow

    1. It does and I like it - problem is this time of year which some call "stick season" - dullest time of year

  2. Glad to see some buds on the trees where you live. Spring can't be far!

  3. Oh, John, the photos of the buds turned out just fine! It's nice to follow the buds as they blossom. Good to see Kelley, as always.


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