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Monday, April 4, 2016

4/4/16 Oak Point Trail Sunkhaze

Fourteen degrees when we got up. Stalled until it reached twenty and then went to Sunkhaze. Mostly sunny and no wind so it wasn't really  uncomfortable.

The trail starts as an old logging road

Which had lots of very wet sections that were frozen - luckily for me but disappointing for Kelley.

Eventually the trail becomes a path

 and ends at an area of streams and wetlands. This was as far as we  could go. Kelley found some ice she could break through.

We went a short distance to the side through woods to get to the stream

There was thin ice and I broke some so Kelley could get well into the water. I took pictures but when I got home I discovered pictures after these shots were not on the card. This has never happened before and I don't know if the problem was with the camera or the card. I will have to sort it out.

I really didn't want to get out here this morning but it turned into a descent outing. Kelley was more energetic and enthusiastic than she has been of late and that pleased me. I don't know if the day off yesterday helped or she just liked being on a trail we hadn't done in a long time. 1  1/4 hour


  1. Good luck figuring out the camera issue.
    I adore my digital camera, but frankly, when it has problems, it's totally beyond my abilities.
    Stay warm

    1. Thanks Sue- beyond my abilities too- I formatted the card and then just walked around the house and yard shooting random pictures- everything worked fine ?????

  2. I was thinking about Sunkhaze and wondering if it was time to try it out-- so I checked here and you had just been! Sounds like it is ready for a visit (no snow and walkable). Oak Pt can be a tougher trail in my memory.

    1. It was not bad- when that ice thaws it will be quite wet Short time ago at Johnson Brook 3/27


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