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Saturday, April 30, 2016

4/29/16 Northern Pond

Twenty seven degrees when we got up but forty one and sunny when we started our hike - not bad.

We always go to the canoe launch first, for Kelley. Have never been here when we could follow the trail - other than the first set the logs are floating.

Still no wildflowers so it's old trees

And strange buds

Kelley is trying to decide how to proceed. She doesn't like the bog bridges but didn't like walking in the water - I think the bottom was very soft. She eventually walked the bridges.

In the shade there was thin ice left from last night's cold.

Northern Pond

Lots of water

The beaver dam

Looking the other way

More bog bridges on the way back

A good hike. Kelley did well and the trails were in good shape with only one downed tree I had to help her over - she hates me helping.
There was lots of water.  1  3/4 hours


  1. What a great trek--though I believe I would be afraid to walk on those logs too!
    Love the tree and that strange bud. What was that?

  2. Thanks for commenting Sue. I have not seen that bud before and don't know what it is. I should have marked it so I could return and see what developed.


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