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Monday, May 2, 2016

5/1/16 Eliot Mountain - Harbor Brook

Upper 50's with sun and clouds - shirtsleeve hiking.

We started from the Eliot Mt. trailhead on Rte. 3. Kelley quickly found a small pool of water.

The trail up is not steep but there are sections with lots of rocks and roots.

We took the new trail toward the brook. This section involved a lot of work.

Kelley didn't care for it and looked for a way around. There was none so down she came.

The stream was quite low

But Kelley found many pools she could get into.

At some places a lot of trees have fallen across the stream

Still no wildflowers, so leaves opening on a bush

We met a nice woman on the Harbor Brook Trail and chatted with her which made Kelley happy. Kelley did well today and , of course, liked all the water.  1  3/4 hours


  1. A watery hike is Kelley's favorite!

  2. How lovely to get out and do something different. I do hope spring shows up there soon!

    1. Thanks Betty - we have a stretch of warmer weather forecast- still no wildflowers yesterday.


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