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Sunday, May 29, 2016

5/28/16 Demeritt Forest

Sunny and 70 but supposed to get to upper 80's so we got an early start. Lots of mosquitoes but the bug spray dealt with them. Neither of us was very enthusiastic so I decided we would do an hour and call it good.

Over for this dandelion

but a fresh fern

 Kelley always gets in this stream but today passed it by

for a mud hole in the trail


Bringing up the rear as we near the end

This time she took advantage of the stream

A pretty day but I was glad we got out early. We headed home for me to get some garden work done and Kelley to lie around the yard.


  1. I like the fern picture. Are you planting lots of stuff in your garden?

    1. Thanks Kim - finally getting it done- have to put out peppers and some flowers and that will be it.

  2. Love the photo of the ferns. Very nice!

  3. I was thinking after I saw Kelley in the mudhole--how on earth are you going to get her home. Thank goodness she went for a swim afterwards!
    Hope you have a fun day. Planting yet? I got an early start this year do to our freakish weather. I'm halfway done getting the garden in--a FULL 2 weeks ahead of schedule-hooray!

  4. Thanks for comment Sue. - I started late but am almost there -peppers to put out and some flowers - the rest is done. Of course. my garden is much smaller than yours.


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