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Saturday, May 14, 2016

5/13/16 Redman's Beach

We found this trail exploring one day. It is not on any maps I know of and then one day we met a hiker who had developed his own maps and he gave me this one and another for the area. On this old map it is called Black Beach.

Sixties and hazy sun but buggy - black fly season is here.The trail starts from the end of Dynamite Brook Rd. road and I think these boulders are to keep out ATVs.


A small stream crosses the trail - easy for Kelley but tricky for me, balancing on wet logs.

These new leaves were so fresh looking

At the beach

We saw no people on the trail ( we never do) but saw two men fishing on the pond

We walked down the beach until a small stream that empties into the pond stopped me.

Once again, no problem for Kelley

Back into the water as we head back along the beach

One of the campsites - there are only 5 or 6. We stopped here for an apple break.

Still lots of old leaves on the trail

Back at the stream that crosses the trail

More new leaves

 And finally some flowers. this was some kind of flowering bush.

A very nice day except for the bugs which do not seem interested in Kelley - later the deer flies will be a problem for her. Kelley did well, though she slowed down the last half hour. 2  1/4 hours


  1. Beaches and trails - sounds like a perfect day.

    1. Thanks for commenting Kim - it was nice

  2. Ah, the black flies. I was troubled by them last week when we had an actual nice day. It's back to cold, and is snowing now. Not very springlike, but hey, no black fly!
    Beautiful flower, but I'm not good at names for the wild ones.
    Have a good weekend, John

    1. Hi Sue - we have rain and 70 yesterday - hard to believe you have snow. I am terrible at identifying wildflowers and don't know these. good weekend to you.

  3. The photos and your description tell an enjoyable story, John.

  4. I'm happy to see bright green leaves unfurling in your area. Hooray for spring!

    1. Thanks Linda- Yes, hooray - we thought it was never going to arrive


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