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Friday, May 20, 2016

5/19/16 Stillwater River Trail

About 60 with a mix of sun and clouds- possible rain later in the day. Kelley was reluctant to get in the car but she had not got any exercise yesterday so I thought we should do something. I chose a nice easy walk along the Stillwater River.

All winter I have been using a small point and shoot because of it's lightness and ease in keeping it protected under my coat. Today I got out the heavy dslr with the nice macro lens. Unfortunately I did not check the settings, which must have been odd because I ended up with a lot of messed up pictures- under exposed, very noisy, etc. So I am not happy with several of these pictures.

First chance to get in the water


There were lots of bright dandelions

Poor focus but they were so pretty after our long winter.....

A section of the trail

 The river, at another spot where Kelley can get in

She never did get enthusiastic, except for the water, and here she is lagging behind

Looking across the river

First insect- not a clear shot but maybe a hoverfly

Last chance for the water

A pretty day but not a very good day for Kelley. We did get in an hour and a quarter walk and she got to lay around the yard in the sun the rest of the day - I did garden work. 


  1. My favorite is the one you titled section of the trail. Wow--frameworthy!! It makes one want to walk that trail.
    So sorry Kelley seems to be having a bad time again. I bet that sun felt good on her old bones---I know sometimes I gotta just sit in the yard soaking it up.
    Have a great weekend (the time is sure flying, isn't it???)

    1. Thank you Sue and for your concern for Kelley. Yes, the older I get the faster it seems to go.

  2. I like the photo of Kelley swimming in the water. For having a messed up camera you still got quite a few good shots.

  3. I love those dandelion pictures...amazing!


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