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Saturday, May 7, 2016

5/6/16 Little Long Pond

After our last hike, Kelley was very stiff and not comfortable. The next day she didn't want to get in the car for a hike so we took a couple of days off. This morning she seemed much better and was willing to get in the car. She isn't ever anxious to get in the car because she needs help and doesn't like that. We would go for her favorite hike.

This morning we had  upper 40's but cloudy and quite windy so it felt colder. We did our usual route around the pond

First things first

Grainy and out of focus ( too far away and windy) but a sign of spring - still no wildflowers.

Obligatory shot of the pond.

Still at the end of the pond but the west side.

In the Jordan Stream - deep enough to swim.

Some shots of Jordan Stream

Kelley did very well most of the hike but was slowing down and lagging behind the last half hour. You can see we got some sun and it was more pleasant on this side of the pond.

Turned out well  ( I did slip on a bog bridge and have a sore back and arm but nothing major).  We didn't meet anyone, which is very unusual. We rarely meet anyone on the west side trail but  locals walk their dogs on the carriage road on the east side ( no leash rule this part of the park)  - but not today. 2 hours


  1. John, I'm sorry Kelley is not up to her usual self. And you---you be careful out there. Hope you at least carry a cell phone in case you get hurt!
    Have a good weekend. It is here--sunny and I'm sowing PEAS--hooray!

    1. Thanks Sue- us two oldsters keep struggling along. Sowed my sugar snaps last week. Hardening off kale, Asian vegetables and some flowers. Peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant under lights in back bedroom- they are still tiny

  2. Could a little ramp help her get in the car by herself without human assist so she feels better about it?
    I love all your posts :)

    1. Thank you Tracy - I tried ramps from the pet store - she wouldn't use them. My neighbor built a box that made the jump shorter. She will use it to get out but I have to help her up. I think partly it;s how she sees things. On the trail there will be things i think she will work around and she hops right over and others that look very easy to me that she works around. This was true even when she was younger.


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