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Saturday, December 3, 2016

12/3/16 Essex Woods

Another dreary day- we have had several. This morning it's 35, windy and mostly cloudy with a few breaks of sun and a little snow on the way home.

Good news is I got my new computer yesterday and also new photo processing software- downside is I'm having to learn how to use  it all and pictures were a bit of a struggle.

Went to the nearby woods for an hour and a quarter and Kelley did very well. I think she was glad to be out as we have just been walking the neighborhood, mostly in the rain.

Lots of sniffing to be done at the start

Most leaves are on the ground and just brown

First water she found

The old rail bed

Not very exciting but color

 The wetland part of the park

More water

Most colorful thing we saw

Worked out OK. As I said, Kelley did very well and even got to greet a couple of people along with getting wet. 


  1. Funny to find a glove hanging in the tree!

    1. We find other things in trees- people find them on the trail and put them up in hopes the owner will see them.

  2. It's always a challenge to learn new equipment, but I'm sure you'll manage just fine and be comfortable with it before you know it!

    We're in the midst of the season of gloom here as well. Between December and February , we're lucky to rack up a week's worth of sunny days. But, this too shall pass. Sure makes it hard to get enthusiastic about a hike.......especially all the layers of clothing one needs. Ugh.
    Have a great weekend, John

    1. Yes, ugh - a man I know calls it "stick season" but soon we will have a winter wonderland and Kelley also loves the snow


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