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Saturday, December 17, 2016

12/17/16 Neighborhood

The weatherman was right about yesterday - high was 3 degrees with strong winds. We did a very short walk around the neighborhood. This morning it was a little warmer ( about 5 for our first walk) and snowing but no wind and we ended up  taking two walks around the hood. I didn't want to drive because the snow was fairly heavy and I was afraid we wouldn't be able to get back up the drive. Kelley was just glad to be out in the snow. It ended up snowing steadily all day but didn't accumulate as much as it seemed it would.

First walk in the morning.

A lane that is grassy in summer that connects my street with the next. There are houses at either end with woods along the center

We did a circle and passed by this house on the way back
I would have liked the lights to be lit

Afternoon walk - Kelley was more excited this time around

 Drive of one of the houses at the end of the lane.

When we got back Kelley did not want to come in. I went inside where it was warm to read and Kelley stayed outside lying on the snow in the drive.                

 Weird weather continues with a forecast for tomorrow of 44 degrees and rain!


  1. That's quite a mishmash of temps! It's hard to get used to the cold when you have warm-ups like that.
    Love that grate(??) pic.......what is that?

    1. Thanks Sue the weather seems to get weirder and weirder. The grate is a storm drain in the street.

  2. I bet you love watching Kelley run around in the snow. My daughter is driving up from KY today with her German Shepherd puppy. We're excited to see how he reacts to our snow.

    1. Yes, she acts like a child. I bet the puppy likes it too- a new thing for him to explore

    2. I had to come back and tell you - Levi loves the snow! He ran and played in it on and off all afternoon. He was having the best time racing around our yard, digging in the snow, throwing it in the air and playing with sticks. And it's about zero out. It was quite fun.

    3. Hi Kim- glad you came back. Sounds like it made you happy. We do meet dogs who don't like snow or water. Kelley is not as exuberant as her younger self but used to be like the pup. Very cold here too- right now is -9


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