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Thursday, December 8, 2016

12/7/16 New Trails at Perch Pond

When we were here 2 days ago we found a map, at the N. Trailhead,  with new trails. The first time we hiked here, years ago, we did the Spruce Trail  first and as the trail became unclear, we ended up bushwhacking to the pond but then spent a long time trying to find the trail to get back to our car- a long afternoon; since then we have done other trails.. None of the new trails were here then.

Didn't seem like a great hiking day- 23 degrees and gray and cloudy. First surprise , even though only about 15 miles from home, there was more snow than the inch or two we had at home and as a bonus light snow began.

This is from the parking area. Straight ahead is Spruce

but we took Bo's Run to the left and into the woods.

The trails were pretty and somehow different from the trails in the other sections. Kelley was enthusiastic as she usually is on new trails.

Didn't plan on going to #7 but we ended up there and Kelley took a break while I checked the map.

Heading back

Right temps for snow to stick to the pines

When we got back to Spruce I wanted to go a short ways to check it's condition. Kelley decided we had hiked long enough and had a lie down

I just went a short distance but it looked OK and we will check it the others next time.

This turned out to be a really nice hike- kind of a winter wonderland, when I had not expected much. There was one other car at the trailhead and we saw his tracks on some sections  ( other sections were untracked )but did not see him and the car was gone when we got back. Kelley did very well and seemed to also enjoy the hike. 1  1/2 hours


  1. I just love when the snow clings to pines like there......don't think there's much prettier in the world than that. Glad you had a nice hike.
    I think I FINALLY have enough snow to ski on today. Hooray!
    Have a fine weekend, John

    1. Thanks Sue the pines do help the winter scene here as I remember they did in Michigan. Good skiing


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