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Saturday, January 14, 2017

1/13/17 Little Long Pond

Weather continues to be erratic  - rain and also freezing temps - making it difficult to find appropriate trails. Many dirt roads around home are icy and I don't want another tow. Decided to try the coast as it has been a bit warmer there although only 50 miles from home. Sunny but windy and mid twenties.

Kelley found some water at the end of the pond near where it empties into the ocean

and a little more beside the meadow

Happily the West Side Trail was completely free of ice.

The water doesn't have to be clean

When we got to the Jordan Stream Trail there was patchy ice on the trail and along the stream and it took us awhile to find a spot Kelley could get in.

Rather than deal with ice we took a side trail across to the carriage road ( again no ice)  and back to the start. Pond still mostly frozen

But Kelley was able to get in.

A nice hike. The woods part kept us out of the wind and we were both happy about the ice situation. Kelley did well but was disappointed  when she couldn't get into the water , because ice on pond and stream, in the spots she usually does.  1  1/2 hours


  1. Looks like your snow has melted. We got 9 inches Tuesday night - which is huge for Portland, Oregon! Practically shut the town down.

    1. Hi Linda - we still have a few inches at home but it's warmer along the coast which was why we headed there.

  2. It's amazing what a difference 50 miles can make, isn't it? Looks nice without the snow, but yet somehow wrong for this time of year.
    We're supposed to be in the 40's all this coming week. I'm trying to keep pans of seeds FROZEN for a few more this is most unwelcome news.
    Strange strange winter.
    Let's hope this isn't indicative of a VERY hot summer ahead..........
    Have a good week, John. And Kelley!

    1. That difference is, I think, because of the ocean - in summer it's often 10 degrees cooler.We walked close to home today and it was icy - we still have snow in our yard. You have a nice week too.

  3. It looks beautiful there. I've love to see the coast line in that area.

    1. Hi Kim -it is beautiful - I'll post a pic on my Facebook page tomorrow


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