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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

1/10/17 Paul Bunyan Snowmobile Trail

Ten degrees and mostly overcast but no wind. Wanted to get in a hike because supposed to rain the next two days.( It is raining this morning)  Trails are still iffy at best so we decided to check out a nearby trail we have done many times.

Starts out across a large field

 and then follows a utility easement and is not very scenic ( lots of weed pics today)  but the trail was well packed and good walking. It eventually enters woods and is more interesting but we didn't go that far today.


Apple Break

Kelley didn't like this bridge but eventually crossed

Last plant in snow for today

Turned out to be a pretty good hike. Not especially scenic but peaceful as we met no one .  Kelley did very well - I think she liked the nice footing and as this was our first time this year there was lots to explore. 2 hours


  1. I guess I can see why Kelley wouldn't like that bridge. Imagine trying to cross something that has all those gaps--sized a lot bigger in proportion. Scary!
    Is that a log or rock? ---I love it!
    Lots of nice pics today. And no wind sounds marvelous. I have no idea why we are getting such crazy winds this year, but I wish it would stop. I've only averaged 3 days a week out walking this year. Last year I rarely missed a day.

    1. Thanks Sue - that is a large boulder. Our weather continues weird too. Wed., Th., and Fri. it was 48 to 50 with rain two days. This morning it is Four degrees. Making it difficult for us to find places to hike. Much of the snow is gone but lots of ice


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