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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

1/2/17 Glenburn Snowmobile Trails

Nineteen and sunny with no wind but hard to predict trail conditions so decided to check out some of the nearby  snowmobile trails. The first we tried had had no use and I sunk in snow deeper than my boot tops- not good for me or Kelley. We crossed another that had some use but no place to park. Next stop looked like it might be good and there is a small store with parking. Went in to ask permission to park in their lot and she said she had seen several sleds out last evening.

We took the east trail and it starts off across a large meadow. The snow was well packed with good footing for both of us.

This old building is near the start and after some research ( awhile back) I  found out it had been a very old school.

After the meadow it's into the woods.

and then a brief fairly open section where we met and chatted with a nice couple - we rarely meet anyone on these trails.

 I found an interesting plant.

More woods trails - it was really pretty so there are more than necessary. We met a woman and her dog and walked with them until they turned back.

You come to a hill and the trail sign says the trail turns left, but no one had used that trail and all had gone straight ahead toward the road. We have done both in the past and straight ahead is much less interesting. I was ready to turn back but Kelley wanted to continue and so we went across the huge field to where we could see the road. We stopped for an apple break and turned back. Kelley wanted to go forward but I was afraid she didn't understand the return would be as long as the way out.

Back in the woods

This is a wetland area and when we tried to hike these trails in summer found it too wet.

Back near the start

A very pretty hike on a beautiful day. Kelley did very well and enjoyed meeting the people and dog. 2 hours


  1. Looks as though the old school building is just starting to lean a bit. What a shame. I just adore old things........

    1. Hi Sue- I had a hard time finding out what it was - sadder - it's got all kinds of junk just thrown about inside.

  2. Your woods are so beautiful with all that snow!

    1. Thanks Linda - it really was a wonderland - no wind left the snow on the trees- now it's raining :(

  3. Nice to see someplace with just snow instead of the boiler plate ice that we have in my neighborhood..Kelley looks like she's doing great..good girl...

    1. Hi - that hike was before the rain - we now have nasty ice too. Kelley did very well this hike.


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